KUBIK coworking


Coworking Office of the Year 2014 - III. helyezett

Year of build: 2014Q1

Size: 350 m²


KUBIK coworking place and startup incubator. With our workplaces, offices and meeting rooms, we provide you with a flexible, cost efficient and simple solution adaptable to the fast moving needs of your business. Ideal for freelancers, startups, project teams, business travelers, but also for multinationals needing temporarily adjustable resources. Hence the creative and inspiring atmosphere, regular professional seminars and trainings, the KUBIK is an ideal place for cooperative businesses.

Engaged to supporting startups, we contribute to the development of the Budapest startup ecosystem through our customized incubation services.

The KUBIK is located in the heart of Budapest, next to the Margit híd at the banks of the Danube, along the bicycle route in Újlipótváros. Easy to access with tram, bus, trolley bus or even with the subway. You can spend your lunch break in great restaurants, bistros and coffees in the neighborhood or you can even go to one of the greens nearby. The Margit sziget is so close that you can go running, swimming or biking anytime or just go chilling’ or partying after work.


  • flexible, because workplaces, offices or meeting rooms are to let for hours, das or even for a longer term just as your business demands;

  • simple, because all you have to do is to book online and choose the service package suitable for you and choose additional options at any point;

  • cost efficient, because there is no investment in office infrastructure, no deposit, no long term commitments, you pay as you use.



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