Magyar Telekom Future Work Projekt


Office of the Year Special Award 2014 - III. helyezett

Year of build: 2014Q2

Size: 1020 m²

Number of employees: 80

Tenant: Magyar Telekom Nyrt.


The primary objective set by the Future Work Project was to elaborate work methods and a work culture that can ensure employees’ commitment and motivation in the long run. In other words, our goal was to create the workplace of the future.

For that purpose, we have refurbished a pilot area at Magyar Telekom’s HQ building, where we test the new office environment and some new working methods.

In course of the pilot, we mainly explore the following aspects:

  • physical surroundings of a motivating nature

  • working culture built on trust, cooperation and performance

  • modern working and meeting methods

  • an IT environment that provides flexibility

Reasons why the nominee deserves the award

  • When elaborating the design, we focused on open-space solutions to ensure proper information flow. We really wanted to provide a large, open and bright space.

  • In the middle of the specific floor of the building, we established a larger community space, on two sides of which equal numbers of individual offices and community rooms are located.

  • The increase in the ratio of people engaging in telework allowed for the use of “shared desks”, which enable people to work as they wish, be that even in a standing or sitting position. They can freely set their temporary work stations to their anthropometric measures and posture by choosing from a range of chairs and desks the height of some of which can be changed. The same technology is available to all employees. The desks are equipped with anti-peek screens and the required peripheries, thus anyone can do his/her job anywhere under the same conditions.

  • When selecting the furniture, it was an important aspect that they not only be modern and trendy, but also ergonomic and practical. As we expected that mostly non-managerial employees would use the chairs, we asked them to test the ones that were delivered by the bidders and selected the two models that they found best. As curiosity, desks of changeable height and saddle chairs were also added, which are very popular.

  • Some seemingly randomly positioned alternative meeting places are also available and offer a more informal opportunity to talk to and meet others in person.

  • Another major goal was to enable colleagues to test the most possible different methods to be applied for meetings to thus make processes faster and more efficient. We have elaborated meeting rooms that differ not only in their functions and design, but also in their atmospheres.

  • In order to improve productivity, we also provide a recreation room, in which colleagues can relax and freshen up with the help of different entertainment media devices as well as cardio and physiotherapy machines.

  • Tensegrity is the symbol of the Future Work Project, as it reflects the interrelation of all pieces in the whole. If you move any piece, others move, too, thus demonstrating cooperation and constant change.

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