Dentsu Aegis Network Hungary


Office of the Year 2014 - I. helyezett

Year of build: 2014Q1

Size: 1700 m²

Number of employees: 150

Tenant: Dentsu Aegis Network Hungary Média Kft.



Today, an office means much more than a place where we start the daily work at 8 in the morning. The office has evolved to a corporate communication and positioning tool. It should express professionalism and convey the message that the workforces are talented and know what and how they want.

It is particularly true for agencies that earn their bread with creativity where a strong, attractive and exciting image is a matter of life and death.

It is mostly the gorgeous palaces built in the heart of Pest at the turn of the century or the industrial lofts of huge factory halls that best represent the agencies’ Y generation workplace vision. These buildings with masterly designed and generous internal spaces are vivid and vibrant on their own. They do not need to be changed - just let them take effect. You might just want to add a subtle touch of corporate identity. Our old premises – a fencing hall on the Károly Boulevard which we outgrew – were just like that. In search of new premises we were driven by practical considerations since we are building a steadily evolving and renewing company that has almost twice as many employees as before.

We were looking for a quiet office building in the city that has professional services, good public transport accessibility and enough spare room for further expansion. We discovered one in the Residence Office Buildings in Kacsa Streeet, Buda. What’s more, when we had to move on we found the best option in-house.

In accordance with the contemporary office building trends, the internal appearance is spacious and neutral. This seems logical because constraints of a too distinctive design would be a disadvantage for the office lease. Let’s image two reinforced concrete slabs at a barely 3 meter distance, lots of pillars, ribbon windows all around the façade and a round service corridor in the building core.

Finally, we planted our feet on nearly 1700 m2. Re-creating ourselves in this huge space, filling it up with content and ideas, pretending and believing that we finally are in a place that is unique in Budapest – well, it wasn’t an easy task at all.   

Today we all feel that we succeeded and this is the place where we belong.

Based on unique ideas we built a simple yet inspiring environment that encourages creative working. The giant space is consistent but at the same time it radiates boundless individuality. The sun-faded grey shelves of natural wood used as room dividers, the wall panels and the green “gardens” bring nature and the “free as outdoors” feeling in the office. The office space graffiti is the visual extension of the opposite apartment building’s courtyard with round corridors in true reminiscence of the 50’s. In contrast, the heroes of our teenage years fight with laser swords on the balcony. This was our graphic designers’ idea – just as they converted the 2D Woody Allen painting into a 3D Lego artwork. Along with the giant scrabble in the IDEA meeting room – and the list goes on…

The Dentsu Aegis Network Hungary is an agency that comprises 5 communication, technology and media brands.  This means five individual companies, five identities and different needs. We manage the multitude of simultaneous projects either separately or jointly, with complemented services. Our people complete the tasks in various group compositions. Because of the workflow diversity we had to create working rooms of different character.

Everybody in the team has his/her own workplace. For brainstorming we created smaller and bigger huddle rooms for 2-3 and 6-8 persons, respectively. Separate 5-10-20-person meeting rooms are available for more confidential consultations; and they can also easily host workshops of several days.

We are an open-minded and friendly agency. A simple glass wall separates the reception desk from the area where everybody can relax a bit while enjoying lunch or coffee. At the same time we have to display the fundamental values that serve as basis for such a big company. The distinctive reception area and our “Wall of Fame” support this intent. We are professionals – with moderation: we do provide enough space for playful thoughts. Our childhood’s playground swing lives in a cheerful symbiosis with the necessarily stylish reception furniture.

Reasons why the nominee deserves the award



We feel that with modest tools, with lots of ideas, love and effort we managed to create the working environment of our dreams in a traditional office building.  We proved that we can build a creative, high-energy milieu that gives tenants a new identity in a collaborative atmosphere. This place is designed to give birth to inspirational and ingenious ideas. An office space that brings together all pieces in creative notions.

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