Office of the Year 2014 - III. helyezett

Year of build: 2014Q1

Size: 4000 m²

Number of employees: 300

Tenant: MSCI


MSCI moved to Green House office building in February 2014 where it employs 300 people on 4,000 square metres of office space.

The building itself is Leed Platinum certified and was built taking environment conscious aspects into consideration. The arrangement of the office on the 4th and the 6th floors truly reflects the long term values and global market leader position of the international company.

The combination of functionality, transparency, collaboration, employee satisfaction and design was emphasised in the design.


The entire office space meets the requirements of the 21st century; its technical solutions are innovative and reflect the standards of the future. It fulfils the individual and team level demands of our staff as much as possible, providing space for creativity and all means of well-organised office work.

The floor plan structure of the workplace is designed according to the character of the U-shaped office building: the workstations placed in the open office space were grouped next to the windows using the advantages of natural light, while the meeting rooms, quiet rooms and the relaxation room, or the tea kitchen are located in the central area.

A homely atmosphere, conservative elegance and naturalness were the principles of interior design.  The doors and glass walls reaching the ceiling and the brownish wallpapers and carpets provide the space with a cosy atmosphere.

An ergonomic approach is prevailing in the entire office. This is supported by the use of high quality Herman Miller Aeron chairs and the individually available desk lifting equipment, with which the workstations can be lifted to the desired height. Both the false ceiling and the carpet provide acoustic insulation and there are several phone booths for personal phone calls.

The technical equipment built in, represents a high technological standard that may fulfil the needs of the company for up to 10 years. This is represented by the digital meeting room booking system, the high resolution projectors with automatic screens and wall mounted control, the TV screens placed in the open space, the Wi-Fi available in the entire office and the device measuring the CO2 level and the humidity of the workplace.


The integrated walls of the meeting rooms are the same as the wooden pattern of the door in each meeting room while the writable surfaces are made of glass. The wallpapered walls are lit with lamps lowered in the floor.

The meeting rooms can be divided into three with semi-automatic mobile walls, while the presentation in the large meeting room providing seats for nearly 100 people can be followed on the screens installed in the office space and the BISTRO via through special streaming technology and a professional PA system.

Screens lowered in the walls of each meeting room with wireless keyboard and mouse facilitate the efficiency of meetings. The so called tiny PC-s are fixed under the desk and are connected to the screens under the floor so there are no visible cables.


The lift areas are used as much as possible: there is homely furniture at the reception for visitors and staff may relax in beanbags at other places.

The supporting pillars covered in noble materials and functioning as writeable surfaces making continuous collaboration easier, are spectacular elements of the office space.

To compensate for the disadvantages of an open office space and to increase the privacy and comfort of staff, we installed closable cabinets at different points for storing personal things. There is a cloth drying room to serve sporty people and we also took care of the needs of our colleagues wishing to expand their knowledge by providing a book corner.

The 280-square-metre multifunctional community space and the BISTRO are on the 6th floor. 60 people can be catered at the same time here, and it is suitable for relaxation in the living room corner equipped with Xbox, but it is also a popular venue of quick meetings and events. The daily needs of staff are served by industrial refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers and water machines. The wall of the room is covered in false heartwood beech and can be lit separately to provide a pleasant and homelike atmosphere in any time of the day.

Reasons why the nominee deserves the award

A homely atmosphere, conservative elegance and naturalness were the principles of interior design. This is valid all over the office but most prominently in the BISTRO.

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