Közösségi Bank és Farmbistro


Az Év Közösségi tere Különdíj 2017 Finalist

Address: 1111, Budapest Bartók Béla út 34

Size: 100 m²

Tenant: A helyiségnek két fő bérlője van, a Magnet Bank és a HÁZIKÓ által üzemeltetett Farmbistro. A két cég partneri kapcsolatban áll egymással, elsősorban értékrendjük és célkitűzéseik hasonlósága miatt.

Number of tenants: 2


Café in a bank. Bank in a café. Farmbistro in Bartók Béla Str. is in Magnet Bank. Partly, because Házikó, Farmbistro’s parent company and the bank is 100 per cent Hungarian, and partly because both firms value transparency and trackability when it comes to money or food. To make a long story short: finance management and coffee in a place where it’s all human, sustainable, nice and friendly.
Both for MagNet Bank and Farmbistro, it is top priority to make the way of the clients’ money transparent and trackable. Farmbistro, with Házikó as a parent company in background guarantee this demand through clean sources, a direct relationship with farmers who deliver to Házikó and the transparency of exclusively Hungarian, chemical-free and top-quality products, while MagNet Bank secure transparency via its services, policy and client friendly attitude.
Both firms believe that a trackable, sustainable, 100 per cent Hungarian-owned model can be functional – a model which is good for everyone in it. The partnership of Farmbistro and MagNet Bank creates a client-friendly, human and stress-free environment, where the actual room of the bank and the bistro operates either as a working area, or a nice meeting place for friends or for business partners.
The partnership of MagNet Bank and Farmbistro breaks with traditional banking: clients can forget queues, cold bureaucratic environment and nervous officers and they can enjoy the friendly atmosphere and services through which the way of their money becomes transparent and tracable.

Reasons why the nominee deserves the award

MagNet Bank puts its business policy on absolutely new grounds. Business decisions and responsibility are based on sustainability and clients have the right to interact with the bank’s community activities. Community deposits and credits, honesty register account charge and the support of various social matters, social role and the ease of credit exposure in case of socially useful projects all make value-based banking possible.
Farmbistro and HÁZIKÓ are the first to solve the problem of sustainability in rural development in Hungary. They buy organic, fresh, seasonal and certified materials from farmers, process them in their own manufacture in Budapest and sell them via catering and the two Farmbistros. Through this kind of operation, they fill all requirements to short food supply chain (SFSC) model, refuse opaque systems which work via multi-actor projects, provides a secure income to farmers and 100 per cent Hungarian, healthy and chemical-free products for clients.
The co-working of MagNet Bank and Farmbistro is a wonderful example of value-based partnership: their practice act as a beacon in the fields of banking, eating, conscious and sustainable environment protection, thus forming people’s thinking, values and opinion.


While MagNet Bank guarantees every banking service their clients need, Farmbistro makes them possible to have a breakfast or lunch, work or meet with business partners or friends in a well-designed place, or organize a closed meeting in the evenings or at weekends. Farmbistro provides 100 per cent Hungarian products, fair trade coffee and a sustainable food chain model in the background.

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