Az Év Fejlesztő Cége 2018


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About the category  

There is a complex system of criteria for the evaluation of the applicants in the Facility Management Company of the Year category.
In addition to the public data sheets the applicants also need to submit an application documentation compiled in accordance with the complex questions provided by the jury on the activities and achievements of the company.

Conditions of entry

  1. has been active on the property market for at least 1 years,
  2. at least one significant transaction or deal attributable to it in 2013
  3. a recognized and widely known company on the market

Aspects of evaluation

  1. corporate management methods
  2. achievements during the subject year
  3. environmental consciousness
  4. client-focused attitude
  5. social responsibility
  6. tenant satisfaction

Pontozási arányok

közönségszavazás 10%
benyújtott pályázat értékelése 20%
szakmai kérdőívre adott válaszok 30%
online bérlői elédegettség-felmérés 10%
online tulajdonosi elégedettség-felmérés10%
zsűritagok összesített szavazata 20%